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Additional Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Find out more about our clinical trials and opportunities for collaboration on research and education.

Statements about products, investigational or pipeline products in development, or potential products (for purposes of this notice, hereinafter "products") are assumptions for informational and educational purposes only. Statements about products are guided by, and derived from, findings of preliminary and ongoing research, studies and/or trials, or informational and materials disclosed to Indivior and subject to modification or deletion based upon additional findings and/or results and/or information. No claims are being made with respect to any product.

Indivior Clinical Trials

Find out more about our ongoing clinical trial research into our current and investigational products or if you are interested in participating in future clinical trials please complete interest form.

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Externally-Sponsored Studies (ESS)

Learn about externally-sponsored research that advances medical and scientific knowledge consistent with Indivior's areas of research interest regarding its products.

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Independent Medical Education Grants

Indivior provides support to accredited educational programs and activities in the United States that provide increased understanding of scientific, clinical, and healthcare issues related to Indivior's educational areas of interest.

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Education Grants

Real-World Evidence

Beyond our clinical trial program, Indivior conducts observational studies to better understand outcomes in real-world populations. For more information about analyzing or conducting studies of real‑world evidence, please contact

If you are interested in participating in co-authorship, real-world evidence research or real-world evidence collaboration please complete interest form.

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Our Pipeline

See an overview of Indivior's investigational products currently in research and development.

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